Kids Matter Now
The late Evangelist Leonard Ravenhill once declared, “The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized during the lifetime of the opportunity.” God has opened a HUGE door of community bridge building between First Church and a local Elementary school just 4 blocks away (space prohibits us from telling you all the details of this miraculous connection, but it is GIGANTIC in outreach potential). Because of this connection, we are aggressively and sacrificially raising funds today as an investment into tomorrow.

KidsMatterNow is a strategic and significant fundraiser that will change history and raise up history makers. As you can see, we have created a “wall” of envelopes that have been labeled $1 – $600. We are asking First Church, and those who care for this generation, to take the envelope of their choice — or maybe two or three — and if every envelope is taken and returned with a gift in the amount of its label, we will raise over $180,000 which would provide a 2-year’s salary for a children’s pastor and a 2-year’s salary for a student ministries pastor, and resources for both of these ministries.